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Live once in a lifetime opportunity to recharge & reconnect with yourself and the planet

The RECONNECT & RECHARGE EQUILIBRIUMⓇ RETREAT helps you to balance mind, body and soul; disconnect and recharge from stressful work life, toxic relationships and purposeless life. Come and re-connect with yourself and the planet. The retreat will also help you to tap into your full potential so you can live in full joy, have a more meaningful existence and thrive in a world of complexity and poly-crisis.

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Why a wellness retreat?

We live under constant stress, pressure and worry between pandemics, economic crisis, social unrest and even war; life passes by and we get swamped by work-related stress and toxic relationships at home and at work. Life sometimes feels void, meaningless and we feel like we have lost our compass. THE RECONNECT & RECHARGE EQUILIBRIUMⓇ RETREAT allows you to re-connect with yourself and the planet, tap into your inner guidance and re-discover your life purpose, so you can live a life full of joy, stress-free and thrive in a rapidly evolving and complex reality.

What you get

  • 6 days and 5 nights of re-connection with your higher-self, rediscovery of your gifts, digital detox and re-connection with the planet
  • Customized personal journey so you can get the most of the retreat with spaces to balance mind, body and spirit. You will have full flexibility and decide on your daily activities.
  • Experiential eco-tourist experience with purpose.
  • Individual or double hotel accommodation in beautiful and eco-sustainable bungalows in the midst of the jungle forest.
  • All-meals are included, farm-to-table, nature-based, with vegan and vegetarian choices.